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Whole House Water Filter System
A whole house water filter system gives you peace of mind. You benefit from having clean water in your home without the price tag and environmental implications of bottled water. Even if your water may be safe to drink or use, there may still be an unpleasant odor, cloudiness or sediment. The only way to ensure you receive quality water is through a complete home filtration system.

Why Are Home Water Filtration Systems Important?
Home water filtration systems are essential because they provide your house with filtered water containing fewer contaminants. By significantly reducing contaminants, the whole house filters extend the working life of your home’s pipes, plumbing fixtures and water-using appliances. With a whole-house filtration system, you can have clean and filtered water on demand in your home.

Our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems
Rotek provides easy-to-install water purification systems that you place at the water entry point. We stock an extensive range of residential water filtration solutions. You can benefit from our affordable whole-house water filtration system regardless of your home's size or water source.

Rotek whole house water filter system - ultimate solutions

Our whole-house water filters include:

Rotek WSP Series Spin-Down Sediment Filters: A spin-down filter is a reusable, durable tool to remove sediment from your water, which is an especially useful type of whole-house water filter for well water. Filter cartridges typically capture sediment measuring from 5 to 20 microns and can get clogged more frequently, but a spin-down whole-house sediment filter pulls larger particles, measuring 50 to 1,000 microns, out of the water.
Rotek Whole-House Water Filters: We offer water filtration systems that remove sediment, chlorine, iron, manganese, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, odors, and many other contaminants that are commonly found in tap water. If you need a system that you can "set and forget," check out our WF150K and WCFM500K central water filters. They're maintenance-free for up to ten years!
Rotek UV Filters: A UV filter is a great final water filtration step, especially for well water users.
Rotek Water Softener and Alternatives: We offer a variety of whole-home water softener and descaler products for different household sizes.
Rotek Well Water Chlorinator: Our robust whole-house well water chlorination system automatically chlorinates your well water, reducing contaminants and providing residual protection from recontamination.